The Who’s who of online gambling

There are many factors when it comes the online gambling industry, including software provider, payout reporters, affiliate programs managers, customer service teams, banking solution companies and more. Let’s face it, online gambling is now one of the most successful forms of e-commerce and there are a number of reasons why it is popular. To understand

Blending cards online casino

Now let’s take a closer look at the peculiarities of blending cards in blackjack. Most likely, you are fully confident that with any card shuffling techniques it is impossible to change the online games casino advantage. In fact, this is a mistaken belief. This is the attitude that gambling establishments expect from their customers. In

What are multi-user slots

These are virtual slot machines in which you can spend time with other people. Party members are able to conduct chat dialogues on various topics. This allows you to diversify the process a little. Also, the differences from the usual slots include regular live championships and the presence of group jackpots. The main purpose of

The impact of payment systems on online casino profits

An important role in the formation of profits online gaming platforms play an effective work of payment platforms through which financial transactions. Operators when choosing payment systems should take into account many factors of efficiency, the most important of which are security and high conversion. The main condition for the competitiveness of online casinos is

A client is always wrong to casino friends

What’s there to say? Naturally, we always play casinos at our own risk, the owners of casinos have only one goal at this time, it is as much as possible to get out of our pocket. This is especially noticeable in Russian-speaking online casinos, because they are not regulated by the supervisory authorities. Licenses, which

How can a blockman protect players

Blockchain makes the entire gameplay and algorithms “under the hood” transparent: transactions and actions of both the player and the casino are displayed in an invariable public registry. Will not allow you to keep the winnings.The decentralized nature of the block game will prevent the casino operator from manipulating players’ money and hiding his financial

The casinos won’t give up the money

Once the user has transferred the money to the gaming platform, it is under the full control of the casino. Unfortunately, owners of online casinos are not always willing to sacrifice profits for justice.Exit-scam – the easiest tactic to cheat players. At first, cheaters create online casinos and begin to take bets. For a while

How online casinos cheat players

Traditional casinos always have an advantage over the player – the so-called house edge, through which the casino earns money. In fact, house edge – a statistical deviation in favor of casinos. In the long term, the casino will win more than it loses, but the players also have a chance to make a profit.