Blending cards online casino

Blending cards online casino

Now let’s take a closer look at the peculiarities of blending cards in blackjack. Most likely, you are fully confident that with any card shuffling techniques it is impossible to change the online games casino advantage. In fact, this is a mistaken belief. This is the attitude that gambling establishments expect from their customers.

In the past, the croupier used to shuffle cards with his hands or used special shuffle machines. Today on the gaming tables there are two sets, which consist of 6 decks. When one deck of cards ends, it is sent to the shuffle, after which the dealer takes the next deck, but from another set and then continues to distribute. The use of an automatic shuffler for a shuffle results in a 70% chance of a used deck hitting the game until a new mix is made.

Manual and machine shuffling of cards does not affect the probability of winning or losing the players (the casino advantage remains unchanged). Today, gambling establishments are massively shifting to a new method of mixing cards, which clearly can not please the true fans of blackjack. The device is called CSM.

The main task of CSM is to randomly shuffle the cards that came out of the game after all the handouts with 4-5 remaining decks. Now at the end of handouts the dealer does not put the used cards in a separate cell. Thus, each hand after CSM will be similar to distribution from a new deck.

Blending cards online casino

For gambling houses CSM is a reliable protection from the masters of account technology. This strategy involves knowing the cards left in the deck of high and low values. When the counter player sees that most of the small cards (nominal value from 2 to 6) are out of the game, he understands that his advantage over a gambling establishment increases, because the deck is dominated by cards of high value (from 10 to ace). It is impossible to calculate their ratio at presence of CSM device, therefore the technique of counting here will not help the player in any way.

In fact, the practice of using CSM shows that the new technique of mixing cards absolutely does not increase the advantage of the institution. We can even say the opposite – such a device slightly reduces the casino advantage, which is good news for the gambler. But don’t get too excited about it, because the shift of the advantage towards the player is fully compensated by the high speed of the process. With CSM, the game can go uninterrupted. Croupier is able to make in one hour by 20% more distributions. And this is rapidly depleting your bank.

The most popular CSM device today is “King Shuffler”. The device looks like a big black box. In its lower part there is a slot from which the dealer takes the cards and distributes them to the players. The upper part is equipped with another cell, where used cards are sent. To determine the card shuffling technique, you just need to watch the dealer’s actions after the round. If the used cards are placed by the dealer in a separate cell, then feel free to choose this table, because everything here is arranged according to the old principle. CSM will be used at the table if the banker stacks the cards in the shuffler. Pass by such places.

Analyzing the aforesaid information, it is necessary to notice that at visiting of gambling institution try not to be carried away by games which rules are initially adjusted against you.