How online casinos cheat players

How online casinos cheat players

Traditional casinos always have an advantage over the player – the so-called house edge, through which the casino earns money. In fact, house edge – a statistical deviation in favor of casinos. In the long term, the casino will win more than it loses, but the players also have a chance to make a profit.

At roulette house edge is about 3%. In blackjack, poker and other games where a player makes tactical decisions, the casino’s statistical advantage is much lower – often less than 0.5%.

Large gambling establishments use legal tricks: free alcohol to blunt your attention, involving the player in long games, etc. Frank deception like roulette with a magnet, shenanigans with a deck or weighting the dice – too serious a reputational risk for such business.

In online casinos there are much more opportunities for cheating, and catching cheaters by the hand – much harder (almost impossible – approx. 4LUCK ).

How online casinos cheat players

All operations related to card issuance or drum movement take place on the platform side. The player does not see the roulette spinning or the dice rolling, he only sees the result. And if the algorithms responsible for generating pseudo-random numbers are opaque, the player only has to guess how the game-provider has cheated.

Honest online casinos use certified software that you can trust. Some platforms use their own software, which can change the results of the game series. In other words, the algorithm creates a vulnerability that increases the casino’s chances of winning.

Imagine flipping a regular coin. Except for the ribs, the coin can fall with an eagle or tailpiece upwards, and the probability of both events is 50%. That doesn’t mean that if you flip a coin 10 times, you will get 5 eagles and 5 bars. It means that the more you flip a coin, the closer your results will be to this distribution: 50% eagle, 50% lattice.

Now imagine that this is a virtual coin, which the casino “flips” for you. If the algorithm is fair, the distribution will remain the same: 50/50. However, the casino can arbitrarily change the probability and make 700 eagles and 300 bars fall out of 1000 throws. The same principle works with roulette, cards, dice and other games.