The casinos won’t give up the money

The casinos won't give up the money

Once the user has transferred the money to the gaming platform, it is under the full control of the casino. Unfortunately, owners of online casinos are not always willing to sacrifice profits for justice.
Exit-scam – the easiest tactic to cheat players. At first, cheaters create online casinos and begin to take bets. For a while this casino works, and sometimes even pays small winnings to attract more players. Then the cheaters stop giving money, but continue to accept bets and deposits until their audience suspects something wrong. Having collected enough money, the casino creators close the site and disappear, leaving players with empty accounts.

The casinos won't give up the money

Unscrupulous online casinos can prevent a player from withdrawing money from the platform, even without committing openly illegal actions. For example, when trying to withdraw a large amount of money on the side of the casino may have fictional “technical problems”. In addition, the online casino operator can simply put a large commission on the withdrawal of money. These approaches are designed to ensure that the player is tired of waiting for the withdrawal of money, he will change his mind to take it and just continue to play.

An example of a more subtle approach to fraud – not the obvious conditions of the public offer, which an inexperienced player can violate without knowing it. For example, despite the fact that the age of majority in most countries is 18 or 21 years, the casino can make its own requirements for the age of players. Or an obstacle to the conclusion will be allegedly inappropriate citizenship, wrong bank, etc.. In an extreme case, the agreement may say something like “the casino is not obliged to pay the winnings, thank you for your trust”, still most players will not read the abstruse legal texts.

Referral program is another opportunity for cheaters. Suppose that the online casino promises users 20% of the money that won their referrals. Users bring new players, they win money, but instead of 20% casino gives only 10% or nothing. This tactic is called “shaming”. To timely notice that the casino tricks with bonuses on referral program, the player will have to manually check the game history of their referrals, count their winnings and compare the results with their bonuses.